How to Make a Paper Star Ornament for Christmas

8 pointed silver paper star christmas tree ornament

See how to make this Christmas star with paper and use it as an ornament to hang on your tree or for the front of a handmade card or scrapbook layout. This paper design is based on a traditional and easy craft of tea bag folding. It is like an easier version of origami paper folding since there are only a small amount of folds to make.

This pattern makes an 8 pointed star shape. There are meanings for the 8 pointed star across many different religions and cultures. In Christian religions, eight is the number for regeneration and is associated with baptisms. This type of star is known as the Star of Redemption.

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What You Need to Make a Paper Star Design

8 squares of paper for each star. 2.5 inch squares make a 4.25 inch completed design.
Adhesive, I like glue dots for this craft.
Scissors, hole punch and twine or ribbon for hanging.

Instructions to Make a Christmas Star with Paper

silver paper card selection

Gather a selection of colored or scrapbook papers. I used silver colors.

1) For this star design, you need 8 folded pieces of paper. You can use the same color or design of paper for every piece but I think the completed star looks much more interesting if you choose different papers. I picked out a range of silver colored designs.

If you worry about coordinating designs, look for pads of Christmas scrapbook paper where the designs are made to all work well together.

You can stick to papers from one main color or pick out a couple of colors that work well together. For Christmas time, red and green are and obvious choice. Other combinations that could look good are white and pale ice blues, golds and reds, purples and silvers or blues, silvers and whites.

silver paper squares

Cut out 8 squares of paper. I use a cardboard template trace around.

2) For tea bag folding paper crafts, I use a standard square template of 2.5 inches. It is a size that tends to work well for making embellishments for the front of handmade cards and on scrapbook layouts.

You can easily measure out and use a square cut from cardboard as your template. Once you have a cardboard template, it is quick to draw around this on any piece of scrapbook paper to make the squares you need. Cut out 8 pieces for every star you want to make.

A 2.5 inch square will make a finished star of approx 4.25 inches. I would not recommend going smaller than this as it would be fiddly to fold, but you can make yours much bigger.

paper square with a and b written on it

Position your paper face down with the blank side facing up.

3) You don't need double sided paper for this since you only see one side of the paper. It is also easier if you use paper that is white on one side and patterned or colored on the other.

Position a square with the patterned or colored side facing down and rotate it into the diagonal position shown in the photo above. I labeled B and A in pencil to explain where to fold. You don't need to do this.

triangle silver paper how to make paper star decorations

Fold the square in half to make a triangle.

4) Look at the previous photo and pull up the bottom corner of the square labeled B to meet the top corner labeled A. All this does is fold the square in half to make a triangle like the one shown above. Easy.

Red arrow showing rotation of paper tea bag folding christmas star

Rotate the triangle around to look like the photo.

5) Just move the triangle around in the direction shown by the arrow. You want the straight, folded edge on the left and the point facing right.

Paper triangle folded twice how to make a christmas paper star

Fold the triangle in half.

6) Pull up the bottom corner to meet the top corner and fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

folding triangle into pointed arrow shape for star fold

Grab the top point and pull down the top layer only to fold along the bottom of the triangle.

7) This part looks hard but is actually very easy. Get hold of the top point of your triangle. This now has to layers because it has been folded. Make sure to pick up only the top layer.

Pull this layer down, line up the cut edge of the paper along the bottom of your triangle and make a crease to fold. This makes the arrow shape shown in the photo above.

sticking folded papers together how to make a christmas star with paper

Once all pieces are made, start sticking them together.

8) Repeat steps 3-7 to fold all eight pieces you need to make a star. Now it is time to assemble them.

Place one folded piece with the pointed tip facing up. Put a glue dot or some adhesive on the bottom right of this arrow shape. Get a second folded piece and stick it on top: the bottom of the design lines up perfectly with the right side of the piece with the glue on. You may have to study the photo to see how these pieces should fit.

placing the glue dot paper folded star ornament

This photo shows where I place my glue dots on the design.

9) You can see how the first two pieces have been stuck together. Add on more glue or a glue dot on the bottom right of the second piece. I use glue dots because I find these easy for this craft and they stick straight away instead of waiting for a wet glue to dry. They come in different sizes so I can also get mini ones too which I place on with tweezers.

sticking silver papers together in circle

Three folded pieces stuck together and you can see the pattern forming.

10) Once you have the first two or three pieces stuck together, you can start to see the pattern forming and how these work round like a wreath. Carry on adding pieces. The next photo shows the last piece being added.

last piece added to make the star shape

The last piece has been added but it is not quite finished.

11) Stick on the last piece and you will notice that the star does not quite look right. This is because you need to tuck the last piece behind the first one. So do that now.

silver paper folded tea bag star

Stick the last piece in place to keep your star together.

12) Stick down the final piece and your star should look similar to this one. It should have an 8 sided shape formed in the middle, an octagon. A series of smaller triangles make a wreath style pattern in the middle and then you have the star points. I like to go around and stick down any loose folds with mini (or micro) glue dots and a pair of tweezers for accurate placement. The mini glue dots on a sheet work best since you cannot get a dispenser into the folds of this design.

Completed Tea Bag Folding Christmas Star

silver 8 pointed paper star on red festive paper with gold candles

The star can look stunning when folded and made with papers that have different textures. Here I used four different styles of silver colored paper but all with different effects and patterns. One is glitter, one a pearl sheen, one a dotted texture and the other has a swirl design. 

When I assembled the star, I stuck down a lighter shade of silver followed by a darker shade for more contrast between the different sections. Silver or gold are perfect color choices for using this as a tree ornament for Christmas.

paper craft tea bag star instructions tutorial craft

To turn this into an ornament for hanging, punch a small hole in one of the star points. Be careful to ensure the hole isn't too near an edge or you could tear the design.

Pop some twine, cord or ribbon through for hanging. I cut a length of ribbon off, fold in half and then use tweezers to pull both ends through the punched hole. I pull through enough of the ribbon ends so that I can tie a bow at the front of the star design. Then the hanging ribbon loop is decorative and functional.

This paper folding craft is not origami. True origami never requires glue. This is called tea bag folding which uses both folding and gluing to make paper rosettes. These are often used for the front of handmade cards and also for ornaments. See my beginner tutorial for tea bag folding below.

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  1. Thanks for these great instructions! I am making a gold one for a Christmas tree bulletin board for church. It will say, "God in His goodness gave each of us different gifts." Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Esther. That sounds like a really wonderful idea for Christmas. Season's Greetings to you.


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