Christmas Holiday Ornament Craft Kits

craft kits to make christmas tree ornaments for the Holiday season

There's a huge amount of choice when it comes to making your own ornaments and decorations to adorn the Christmas tree for the Holiday season. You can of course make your own if you feel crafty enough to do so. However, there’s a growing range of different kits and supplies that you can get hold of which takes all the guesswork out of finding and purchasing all the correct materials and also gives your instant ideas and inspiration on what to do.

I'm showing a couple of kits here today that can be made by older children with adult supervision and help but I really have these in mind for adults to enjoy creating. The first is an easy type of bead craft which are simple enough for even new or occasional crafters to enjoy making. And the second is one which involves a little more work for a more seasoned crafter. Even if you don't see exactly what you want here today, you can take away some ideas and inspiration on what you can achieve in the run up to this year's Holiday season.

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beaded christmas tree ornament craft kit snowmen

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Snowmen are always a popular theme for festive decorating and even more so since the hit of Disney's Frozen movie with Olaf the cute snowman. Both older children and adults can enjoy making up these sweet looking beaded designs. You get enough supplies to make up 12 of these twinkling little guys and I can imagine how the light reflects nicely off them once they are hung up.

12 is a good number either for a group of people to make these up or to create and give away as small and sweet gifts for the Holiday season. If you don't want to make hanging ornaments, you could alternatively use a craft glue gun to fix pins to the back so they can be worn as pin brooches instead or turn them into luxury little gift tags.

There are many more beaded kits like this one and you can see a range on the actual product page. Most of the bead kits are made to be fairly simple for new or occasional crafters to be able to put together. Choose from Beadery snowflakes, candy canes, angels, mini trees, wreaths, icicles, poinsettias, bells, stars and more. Just look for the Beadery kit range.

jolly christmas birds needlecraft tree ornament kit

Festive Bird Counted Cross Stitch Kit from

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Requiring just a little more in the way of skill and experience are Dimensions needlecraft kits such as this jolly fun festive bird kit shown here. These, in my opinion, are simple to make and sew small cross stitch projects which come complete with a punched hole felt for you to stitch through.

Everything you need bar scissors is provided for you and they make up 2 birdie designs which are approx 5 inches in size to hang on the tree. Let me know what ornaments and decorations you make for the Holiday season this year in the comments section below.

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