Festive Holiday Christmas Felt Stocking Kits

Felt stockings hanging on the mantelpiece christmas holiday season

Start preparing for the fun festive season with a wonderfully detailed craft of creating beautiful keepsake felt applique Christmas stockings. These incredibly detailed kits, often by Bucilla who are renowned for making top quality sets, take a while to make and are time consuming. They make beautiful gifts whether you are purchasing one to make for a family member or close friend or whether you are buying a set to give away to someone who enjoys crafts.

Although they look intricate and complicated, the directions are very clear and if you have time and can follow step by step instructions then this is a project that could be attempted even by a beginner (so long as they know how to sew) or someone who has not made one before. Of course it is all based on hand sewing and stitching, so you really ought to know the essentials of hand sewing first before attempting a big project like this.

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I really like the look of this Nordic Santa kit by Bucilla. It has a rather traditional scene that everyone is familiar with. Here he is looking very cheerful along with one of his reindeer that pulls his sleigh. There's a sack full of toys and gifts and the promise of a fun Holiday season with lots of joyful looking things. 

This stocking could be made for an adult or a child and there is space to personalize it across the white felt fabric at the top with a name of your choosing if you add a name instead of adding the embroidery pattern. This is a hand crafted keepsake that can last a lifetime and something that can be treasured and enjoyed from year to year.

Line the Insides of the Stockings with Felt Fabric

These hand stitched and embroidered stockings are intricate and are ideal to hang as beautiful homemade decorations in the home. If you want to use one of these stockings to pop actual gifts in, it's really advisable to line the insides with fabric such as some more felt, not included, to cover up all the back of the stitches, threads and fancy stitch work. That way, that way the stitches and threads cannot accidentally be pulled when items are inserted down inside the finished piece.

BUCILLA 86549 Snow Garden Felt Applique Stocking Kit, 18-Inch

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I love the look of this snow themed garden design with the snow gardener and his wheelbarrow stuffed with a Christmas tree. He's out doing some winter work tending on the winter squash, snow peas and iceberg lettuce. It's a really sweet looking and wonderful snowy scene and I love the addition of the red Cardinal bird at the front.

This one looks like it would be especially cute to make for a child. Most kids like snowmen and particularly since the hit Disney movie Frozen. The addition of all the sequins makes for a real glistening winter wonderland scene and one that will be cherished for many years to come if you have the time and patience to sit and enjoy making it. What crafts do you love to make for the festive season.

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