Festive Felt Applique Christmas Wreath Kits

Holiday festive felt wreath kits sets for crafters

Stockings are pretty fun to make for the Christmas Holiday season but so are wreaths which can make for beautiful centerpiece door or wall decorations. Bucilla have come up with some amazing felt applique sets with the hanging wall or door decorations shown on this page. I don't know about you, but we always have a wreath hanging up for the Holiday sseason as well as at other times of the year too. There is something even more special about one that you have carefully hand crafted yourself as well.

Being made from felt fabric, these are not weatherproof and therefore not suitable for outdoor use but make gorgeous keepsake items that you can use to adorn your home for the festive season. Come and see these delightful sets. Will you be making them or buying to gift to a special friend or family member?

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Bucilla festive felt wreath kit for Christmas

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This kit by Bucilla is a real feast for the eyes I think. It has a green felt holly leaf background packed with traditional looking treats on top including cupcakes, candy, candy canes, cookies, gingerbread man and lady and loads of sweet things galore. It looks like a bit of a yummy make. This one has lots of intricate sewn details including little bows, sequins and tiny ties made from embroidery floss. It looks very much as if it will be a challenging and time consuming craft make that you could enjoy sewing and whiling the hours away with.

Christmas Holiday projects are perfect to work on during the cooler and colder months when you may be stuck inside more. I don't think that this one is particularly suitable for a beginner because it is so detailed. However, if you are used to sewing and hand stitching, sewing with felt is very easy. It's a great fabric to work with and is something that I enjoy doing a lot of myself. This might also be ideal to buy for someone who enjoys doing a lot of crafting and particularly quiet crafts that are involved and detailed like this one.

Felt wreath set / kit to make by Bucilla

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Another set which is as equally detailed and intricate looking is this toy themed wreath set to make by Bucilla. This has many recognizable motifs and symbols from the season including Santa himself along with a snowman (love his embroidered carrot nose!) and train, gifts, snowflake, candy canes, tree ornaments and an adorable ice skate. This is a really beautiful looking and well thought out set I believe with an incredible level of detailed stitching and hand sewing to do.

All the instructions you need are included in with this and you need to carefully follow them to gradually sew and piece this together. You need to make sure you have plenty of time available before the big day arrives to get this done on time because it will take a while to make which is part of the challenge.

It is something that you may definitely enjoy of an evening and, depending how confident a sewer or crafter you already are, you could do this while watching TV or listening to music or even an audiobook which is something I tend to do while sewing. Let me know what you'll be making for the festive season in the comments below.

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