Bucilla Advent Calendar Felt Applique Sets

Red and white advent calendar with dove design

In the run up to the festive Christmas Holiday season, you could spend your time making a beautiful keepsake Advent Calendar that the whole family can enjoy. There are some beautiful sets and kits (notably by Bucilla) where you sew felt fabric pieces together and then applique them using hand stitching. These particular projects are ones that I would recommend more for experienced sewers because they will take an investment of time to make and also because of the level of detail and embroidery skills required to do a great job.

So they are not projects I would personally recommend for a beginner sewer. If you know someone who loves to make things by hand, these can really make beautiful gifts. They can be very involved projects which is certainly an ideal way for some people to while away their time and most likely through cold and wet weather days. Let's take a look at some Bucilla kits here.

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Nordic gingerbread house advent calendar made from felt

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This kit provides what you need to make this beautiful and richly decorated Nordic Gingerbread house design by Bucilla. You may be wondering how this is, in fact, an Advent calendar, well it has 25 removable ornaments that you make such as the candies and the hearts. Although they are not numbered as with traditional calendars, you can add a new piece each day in December on the main home until Christmas Day on the 25th when you can finally complete it and enjoy the finished product. It makes for a wonderful looking wall hanging and piece of decor for the home.

Whether you choose to use it as a calendar or more as a decorative element once you've completed it is entirely of your choosing. I love all the added sparkle which is from the sequins and beads. Someone who loves detailed stitching and also embroidery (the scroll flourishes pull this together) should really enjoy making this set.

Felt Christmas tree sewing kit craft by Bucilla

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Another challenging kit made more for the advanced crafter is this tree design. Again, it works on much the same premise in that you have a Holiday tree as the background and you also make 25 ornaments to gradually hang up on the tree as you approach the big, festive day itself. You have more freedom and flexibility with where to hang all the ornaments on this particular design but clearly the large star is for the very top.

On this one, I love the added detail with the fancy cutwork of the felt fabric especially around the tree tub at the bottom with the red and white pieces that give almost the look of a festive poinsettia styling. This element is mimicked top and bottom with the star  at the pinnacle as well.

There are other sets in the range to look out for including a Santa's Toy Shop with numbered little pockets that may be better for younger children to enjoy and another Santa design with mini numbered pockets on his beard. That's also a fun looking kit to get that would suit a younger family if you're making this for someone else. Let me know what you think to this craft in the comments below.

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