Christmas Stamped Cross Stitch Tablecloth Kits

If you are looking for a craft project which is likely to pose a bit more of a challenge and keep you occupied and busy for longer, stamped cross stitch tablecloths might be just the thing. They are made using the sewing technique of cross stitch onto a design that is pre-printed onto the fabric. These can be a really good choice to make and especially for occasions such as Christmas where all your hard work can be much admired by visiting guests and family as well as also getting only light use once a year.

You may even decide to use your completed festive tablecloth to adorn a display table rather than one that you and the family will be eating from. What an amazing item it could make for a wedding table at this time of year or even a beautiful gift to give to the newly married couple. Here's a few of my favorite designs in this series.

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Cornucopia horn of plenty cross stitch table cloth design

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This is a traditional and beautiful cornucopia design otherwise known as a horn of plenty. This motif is very applicable to the Holiday season as well as the Fall for Thanksgiving. I love the addition of the red bows and swirls which really gives this particular design a festive touch. This beautiful looking Bucilla kit comes with fabric stamped over in washable blue ink so you know where to make your cross stitches as you work.

Once you have completed the whole project it can be washed and the blue stitch markings will disappear to reveal just your wonderful embroidery. This makes a wonderful keepsake gift to treasure if you are making it for someone else to enjoy.

NOTE: These tablecloths typically do not include the actual threads that you need. These use DMC threads and you get a list of the DMC floss requirements so you can buy the colors that are required if you do not have them to hand already. DMC is a well known brand and normally easy to get hold of.
Cardinal birds cross stitch table cloth

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Even better for me than the cornucopia design is this one which is decorated with one of my favorite birds - the Cardinal. This American favorite is striking since the male bird has such vivid red and black plumage and feathers. Also for a festive look the design features holly and red berries along with pinecones and red ribbons. It is a gorgeous looking tablecloth when finished. Like the other one, this Bucilla fabric comes pre-printed with a washable blue ink.

As well as the cloths for the tables, you can also get hold of matching table runners and napkins although if you want the whole set I'd be sure to look for them and think about buying them all in one go so you know you have everything rather than run the risk that you may want them later on and then possibly find them more difficult to get hold of as well.

Of course although DMC threads are recommended, you could actually use your own embroidery floss colors if you really were organized about this and substituted the list of requirements with your own instead. Let me know what types of cross stitching you like to do in the run up to Christmas.

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