Christmas Holiday Ornament Craft Kits for Kids

Kits and sets for kids and adults to enjoy making Holiday ornaments for the tree

A pretty fun craft activity for kids in the run up to the Christmas Holiday is to get them to sit still and let them decorate up some ornaments that they can hang up and display on the tree. It's a relatively easy and also a fun task that can be done by a single child with some adult supervision or with a whole group of kids.

The completed decorations can be used to adorn the family tree, to give away as small gifts and stocking stuffers or to hang up in the home so it gets more of a festive look and feel all round. There are plenty of ready made kits and supplies that you can get to enable children to do this particular craft and I'm showing some below.

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Mess Free Glitter Ornaments Set by Melissa & Doug

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This is a fun looking set by Melissa & Doug. It allows children (ages 5+) to create 6 different foam ornaments using a no mess glitter method. The glitter used for each decoration comes in the form of press on sheets instead of the normal powder variety which makes a huge mess when crafting. I love the sound of this and wish we'd had this when my daughter was younger.

Mini beaded wreath craft kit

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I also love the look of this beaded wreath design in festive colors of red and green. Supplies are provided so that you can make up to 16 small decorations. This should be fun to make with your children or grandchildren from at least age 5 and over.  Why not additionally get some little golden jingle bells as cute embellishments to add to these decorations so they sparkle more and pick up all the lights from the tree.

Ideas on Making Your Own Festive Ornaments 

As well as with buying ready to make kits, you can also make your own which can be as simple as printing off some seasonal designs onto some thick, plain card, punching a hole and adding string to hang. These can then be colored in with markers, paints, glitter and more.

You can also use some small molds, add a loop of ribbon out of the top of each mold and pour a plaster of paris mix in and allow to set. These can then be painted using acrylic based painted and then hung up.

Another idea is to get a little cross stitch or appropriate needlecraft design to stitch and display or use easy no-sew felt or colored craft foam to make some quick and easy designs up that can be enjoyed by everyone who comes to visit.

Look out for wooden kits which include shaped designs with pre-printed patterns on the front of each one that both children and adults can have fun coloring in and decorating with marker pens, glitter glue and embellishments like little pom poms.

This makes for a fun and easy crafting activity to enjoy in the run up to the Christmas season and something that both old and young can enjoy doing together. It’s an ideal party craft as well and especially for a nice group. If you have a group of children doing this activity then you'll probably need to make sure you have enough supplies share around. Let me know what crafts you'll be doing before the big day.

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