Christmas Holiday Wood Stitching Bucilla Kits

Wood sewing and stitching kits by Bucilla

Bucilla are best known for their felt craft kits. However, they can be time consuming and also tricky to make. For younger and beginner crafters who have less sewing experience, they make some wood stitchables sets which are ideal instead. These wood sets include a laser cut shape of wood with pre punched holes for where the stitches go. They also include the embroidery floss, needle, chart and instructions to make these fun items.

They can be hung up as ornaments for the Christmas tree or used as cute tags to embellish gifts including small parcels of food. These make for fun, family crafts that both old and young can enjoy together.

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This owl design is my favorite and also comes in the larger set below if you want a whole set of these to make up. This kit is to make one owl shown here in the photo. For beginner stitchers, these could well be ideal. One, you have the pre-made holes in the wood which are easy to get your needle in and out of as you sew. Two, they are projects which will not take forever for a newbie to make and finish.

There are variations here on simple embroidery stitches such as running or plain stitch and cross stitch that will help to boost the confidence of someone who is newer to sewing or who is looking for an easier project to make.

This could also be a good set to gift to older children (probably 8+) who have already learned basic sewing. It gives them a slightly different project to complete from the usual felt or canvas sets and you end up with this really cute owl ornament at the end which they can proudly tell everyone that they made. Of course it gets shown off every year too when the Christmas tree comes out. If you need more to make, there's a selection below.

The owl is also featured in a larger set (not shown) which has 8 different projects to make up. A gingerbread man, an angel, a tree, stocking, ornament, snowman, Santa and the owl too. This kit would make a nice set for a family to enjoy making up or to use as a craft for a group of older children who can sit together and make these as gifts for friends and family.

Once these have been mastered, it should help to boost the sewing confidence and skills to go on and start to make a smaller felt or canvas kit as well. Great easy beginner projects for kids and adults to enjoy. Have you ever seen these before? Do you think that these wood stitch sets are a good idea for those who are newer to hand sewing like embroidery? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

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