Perler Bead Kits for the Christmas Holiday

Fused perler bead sets are perfect for Christmas gifts

In the run up to the exciting festive Holiday season and also for quite some time after when good spirits are running high, kids can enjoy making and creating items on a Christmas theme. Perler and Hama beads have always been a firm favorite crafting activity in our home and it is something that we can sit and and enjoy during the colder, winter months in particular.

There are some really good kits out on the market now that help children to make fun items from their fused beads. No more sitting around wondering what to make. Here's some ideas with these sets which make great gift choices too.

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Festive necklace design made from fused beads with Christmas tree and ornaments

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Here's a fun and festive jewelry craft kit for children age 6 and over. This little set contains all the instructions and materials to make up 3 different jewelry designs which include a Christmas Holiday lights and tree pendant necklace, a gifts and candy cane charm bracelet and a cute little snow bear. The set includes over 1000 fused beads in fun seasonal colors and shades, 2 pegboards, a necklace and bracelet base, instructions and the special ironing paper that is needed to melt these beads so they stick together.

For children who enjoy creating with fused perler bead sets, these sets make for fun and rather inexpensive kits. They can make an ideal gift in the run up to the Holidays or a neat stocking stuffer toy to surprise them with and keep them busy after waking up on Christmas morning.

These are likely to make a great gift choice for a child who enjoys sitting down in order to make things. Of course, they are not limited to making those designs only that are pictured since they can also choose to make other patterns as well. I like how the beads in the jewelry set have been used in different ways to make the necklaces and bracelets as well as the charms.

Funfusion fused perler bead Holiday craft kit

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This kit contains 2000 beads in festive colors, instructions and materials to make an assortment of different projects based on this season. You can create a cute little Christmas tree. There is a snowman, santa, candy cane, reindeer and ornament design. I think this is a great little set and fun for boys and girls over 5 who enjoy sitting down and working on some seasonal crafts.

As well as these sets there are other individual ones which include gingerbread kids, reindeer, sleigh, snowman, elf and Christmas gifts. Images on greeting cards that you've received for the season are good to give children inspiration for designs and patterns that they can try and make up themselves.

If you prefer to let children work out their own patterns, you might prefer to give them a big square pegboard to work on and some beads in festive shades. You can get ready mixes of beads which include a Christmas mix of greens, reds and white and a Holiday winter mix of blues, whites and golds. You can tell me what kits and sets you've tried out in the comments below.

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