Why do we Hang Stockings Up on Christmas Eve

Christmas stockings the tradition of hanging them on Xmas eve

Where did the Christmas stocking tradition come from and why do so many of us hang them up each year? Learn about this Holiday tradition and the stories and myths behind it. The real truth is that we don't actually know for sure just how the tradition of hanging up stockings at Christmas started. There is the highly popular legend involving Saint Nicholas and another tradition that originates from Norse or Scandinavian mythology.

What is interesting is that there are legends for both the Christian branch of history with Saint Nicholas and the pagan branch with the Norse mythology. You'll read about both on this page.

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Why we have the tradition of hanging up stockings on Christmas Eve.

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Links with the Santa tale to both Christian roots and Norse Mythology.

Why oranges were used as a traditional stocking filler or stuffer.

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