How to Make a Frozen Winter Bracelet

Frozen bracelet craft tutorial

The popular Disney Frozen movie has been such a huge hit with children from around the world. My young daughter is pretty obsessed with the characters and especially the songs. Since she loves it so much, I like to use this theme in our crafting sessions which helps her to really enjoy them more. Stringing beads in order to make necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry is relatively easy for school age kids to do and especially once their fine hand grip skills have improved. So I used this particular theme along with making some easy and fun elasticated bracelets that girls, in particular, will love to wear.

This Frozen bracelet craft tutorial can be used as an idea for parents and guardians as well as being something that can work very well as a birthday party activity craft with groups of kids between the ages of around 7-10. Of course, they are easy and fast to make so also are good for when making up your own DIY party favors too. Let's see how to make these with this photo tutorial.

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Materials and Tools Needed
  • Thin elastic cord
  • A selection of beads – typical Frozen colors are mostly blues, whites and silver
  • Some letter and alphabet beads to spell out phrases and quotes
  • Scissors – child friendly ones if kids are using them
Scissors, beads, alphabet beads and elastic

Step 1: I like to organize everything needed when doing crafts with my daughter. She will get restless if I spend time finding and hunting for things as we need to use them so I get everything ready and prepared beforehand. This is definitely recommended the more kids you have doing this.

I looked for lots of cute beads (with holes and openings large enough for the elastic cord to go through) in typical colors from this movie which are blues, silvers, whites and some purples too. My daughter was mostly interested in an Elsa bracelet who is the Queen or princess character – so we went with her dress and costume shades.

IT beads strung onto elastic cord

Step 2: Cut off a piece of elastic cording that will be enough to fit around the wrist and also have plenty of spare left to tie a knot with at the end. We wanted to make an Elsa piece of jewelry so chose the “Let it Go” phrase which is a favorite song that she sings. It's easiest to string beads working from the middle of the design – or the middle of the quotation that you’re using. So it the case of this phrase, we started bang in the middle by adding on the letter and alphabet beads to spell out “it” and a smaller silver bead each side.

Let it go beads on a cord

Step 3: Add on the rest of the letters either side of the middle starting point to create the quote or phrase that you want. Small and plain color beads make useful spacers to separate words out  – I stuck to using these small silvers ones which you can see in the photo above. Once the phrase is done, you can start adding on other bigger and more decorative and colorful pieces to the elastic cording. I like to keep both sides the same whereas my daughter will add anything on randomly as many kids do!

Adding beads white blue and silver winter colors to a bracelet

Step 4: When you’ve added enough so that the whole design will just about fit around the wrist it's intended for, it's time to think about finishing off. I like to pick slightly larger beads (like this one here in the middle of the photo) that will sit at the back of the design and cover over and hide the knot made in the elastic. Add this larger piece on – I add mine to the left side of the cord.

Let it go bracelet great for making at Frozen parties

Step 5: Tie a double knot in the elastic, make sure both sides of the cord are pulled together to join the beads up close. Snip off close to the ends then pull the ends under that larger bead at the back to hide them neatly out of sight. Now you have an easy Elsa design. We also made an “I heart Olaf” one for the snowman character – we added a few orange beads to this because of his carrot nose.

To make your finished pieces even more individual and unique, think about adding some cute charms on as well. Easy to find and buy are Snowflake charms which work brilliantly with this theme.

Of course you can work with many other quotations but bear in mind that very short phrases will work best on a piece of jewelry including necklaces and even anklets. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justchristmascrafts page today, thanks for your visit. For more Olaf the snowman suggestions that you could also use: In Summer or Warm Hugs would work and most kids would know instantly what this relates to. Other popular characters are Princess Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Hans.

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  1. I love these, we are going to have a go at making them, thank you for sharing :)

    1. Great! Thanks for letting me know. I hope you have fun making the bracelets. You could also use the same technique to make necklaces or maybe even key chains etc.


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