Handmade Christmas Card Ideas and Inspiration

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas and Inspiration

Making Christmas cards is a really fun and festive craft that can be a wonderful family activity in the days leading down to December the 25th. We make our own designs every single year so I wanted to show you just how easy it can be to come up with some great looking creations that are lots of fun to make. And they cost a fraction of the price of the store bought varieties too.

Lots of adults put a card making activity in their Advent or Christmas countdown calendar and it's a great one that kids can have fun joining in with. Get in the mood for the celebratory season by rolling your sleeves up and getting started right now. Let's get started!

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Homemade Holiday Wreath Card

Merry Christmas handmade greeting card with a green paper folded wreath and bow

This homemade card is one that is appropriate to give to any age group or gender. The Holiday wreath design is a traditional one and you can see here that I've made the finished design look traditional by sticking to the standard festive colors and designs with the choice of papers used. But there is no reason why you could not make a wreath in any color scheme that you like - try lime green and orange or lilac and pastel blue for real modern takes on this seasonal theme.

Each wreath is made from just eight squares of paper that have been folded using very basic origami techniques. Older children and adults can follow the tutorial for this (link provided below) which takes you through step by step photos of folding the paper pieces and assembling them to create the round wreath design. Simply stick this into the middle of a square card blank which has been decorated with some patterned paper.

As an optional extra, I've added some round red quilled papers on to the wreath to look like holly berries. On other cards that I've made using this design, I've just added a big red bow.

Visit the Tutorial to Make Your Own Holiday Wreath

DIY Christmas Cupcake Card

Green, red and white cupcake shaped card in festive colors

A cute and novel design that kids in particular will enjoy decorating. I adore cupcakes - not just the edible kind, I like collecting cupcake decorations for the home and also crafting with them too. So it was a great deal of fun for me to put together a simple design which allows you to make your own shaped card.

When you visit the tutorial page, you'll find a free template there which means you can easily download and print out the design onto some card stock. So no having to draw a Christmas cupcake for yourself, unless you really want to! Once you've printed and made your basic template, you can draw round it again and again to create as many cards as you need.

Older kids should be able to make this project from scratch once an adult has made the template for them and younger children can have tons of fun decorating their cupcake with seasonal colors, glitter, stickers and more. My young daughter really enjoys this project.

Get your Free Template and See How to Make the Xmas Cupcake Card

Handmade Xmas Cracker Cards

Handmade greetings card with red and gold cracker and cream polka background

I don't yet have a tutorial on this design. But, you know what, it is super easy to make. All you really need to be able to do is to draw a rectangle design. If you can do that then you will find this a fun and easy project. And if you draw out your cracker shaped design onto cardboard, then you'll have a template that you can draw around again and again which makes creating lots of Christmas cards from home very easy and fast. And that can be important when you have lots to make.

Long or rectangular shaped card blanks seem to work best with this cracker theme. Use a card blank to work out a rough size that your cracker shape needs to be - there's no point in making one and then realizing that it's too big to fit on the card or that it's too small. I used a ruler to draw out a rectangle shape onto cardstock and then I cut this out when I got a size that I was happy with.

Pop your rectangle 'cracker' template so it is lying horizontally or long ways in front of you. Draw a line with a ruler about 1/4 of the way in from the left and about 1/4 of the way in from the right. You need to use these lines as a guide to drawing some triangles and then cutting them out. Look at the completed cracker shape to see what I'm referring to. Those little triangle notches make the rough shape of your cracker. Once you've done that, you've got your template that you can draw around as many times as you need.

Use your cracker template to create lots of designs from colored card. You can cover them in Christmas themed papers. I've added ribbon bows in the middle of mine. To make the fancy edges at the ends of the crackers, I used scalloped edged scissors. And then I used Word to print off the text: Have a Cracking Christmas

Seasonal Red Robin Cards

Handmade greeting card and matching envelope with festive bird theme

The English Robin is my all-time favorite bird. I'm very partial to birds with bright splashes of red and I also love the American Robin and the Cardinal birds too. These birds are perfect for your Holiday crafting because of their beautiful colors and that's why I based this particular project on my favorite.

There is a free printable so you don't need to draw out your own birdy design and it is made very easily in just 3 parts with a main body, the red chest and wings. Once you've made your template from a cardstock, you can draw around the pieces on to colored papers or cards to build up your 3 piece Robin design. He works best when placed in the middle of square card blanks.

Visit the Robin Redbreast Card Tutorial with Free Template

Fancy Handmade Rosette Cards

Red, green and color color festive card

This posy style rosette is a pretty design and one I like to use at all times of the year. You can create it it lots of different color schemes but reds, greens and golds are the colors that are most strongly associated with this celebratory time of year. A winter color scheme of pastel blue, white and silver would look wonderful too.

Visit the Paper Posy Tutorial to Start Making These Cards Today

The posy design is made from 8 oval shapes which have the easiest folds you'll ever come across for this type of project. And they are very fast to glue and assemble together too. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justchristmascrafts page today, thanks for your visit. The tutorial I've provided does have a printable sheet with the oval shapes on and you can use one as a cardboard template so you can draw round your favorite scrapbook or printed papers to get the Christmassy colors you want. It's a great way to use up small oddments and scraps of papers too.

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