Robin Christmas Card Template and Tutorial

Sweet Robin bird festive cards in red and green ideal for Christmas

Make up some brilliant festive robin bird Christmas cards using this free template and tutorial. Robins make a truly delightful theme for the Holiday season because of their beautiful and bright red orange, feathered chests. Here in the UK, this little animal is a real gardener's friend and very different in looks to the American version with the same name. The free printable design is easy for you to use and, as well as greeting cards, can also be used to create matching gift tags, motifs for Xmas stockings, name tags for your table decor, bunting or garlands and so much more.

Come and see how you can make these super cute cards with this step-by-step tutorial and don't forget to print off the birdy template available for you too! These handmade cards make for an ideal way to accompany a themed gift for a real nature or garden lover too. Robins are truly delightful little birds which make a wonderful festive Holiday theme because of their bright red chests.

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Step 1) Make Your Robin Bird Template

You'll find the template for this available here. Print your Robin bird template onto some light colored card and cut it out. Alternatively, you can print the template first onto paper and then glue onto a spare piece of cardboard before cutting out. You might want to plump for the latter if you don't have any suitable card to print onto - and it's a great way to make use of cardboard boxes or large cartons that you'd be throwing out anyway. Card templates can last for many years if stored well, some of mine are well over 10 years old and still going strong.

Step 2) Make the Main Body of the Robin

Textured Bazzill cream card used to make a paper bird

Now you've made your templates for the Robin, you can draw around each piece to make as many birdy designs as you like. Ideally choose a piece of cream card to make the main body of the bird which is Template A. You can use craft paper as well. Bazzill Cardstock is my all-time-favorite for card crafting - you can see the texture on it with the example shown in the photo. I prefer to buy assorted packs with lots of colors to choose from but you can buy specific color packs too.

Turn Template A the wrong way around (ie printed side down) and draw around it onto your card and cut out what you've just drawn. Mark in with a pencil dot where the bird's eye will go.

If you have a hole punch which will cut through card, use this to punch out the bird's eye. Otherwise mark the eye in using a black felt pen to make it stand out.

I asked you to draw out your birds using the wrong side of the template for a good reason. When you've cut all your birds out, turn them over and you'll have no pencil marks from where you drew them out.

Chalks for Card Crafting and Scrapbooking

Perfect for Shading Edges of Card for a 3D Look

If you have any craft chalks such as Pebbles Inc. (not chalk marker pens) then we can do a little soft shading to add some depth around the edges of your bird. You could also use powder make-up for a similar effect. You need to find a chalk shade which is a little darker than the card you've used for your bird. Rub some chalk onto a tiny amount of cotton wool or a q-tip or cotton swab/cotton bud. Carefully chalk all around the edges of the bird. This applies better if you've managed to use some textured card and gives a professional finish to your finished design.

Step 3) Making The Robin's Red Chest

Using Pritt stick adhesive glue to stick on the red plummage

Draw out the circle or Template C onto some red card or paper and cut out. Maybe you happen to have a circle punch which is a similar size that you can use to get really neat edges.

Turn the cut circle over so you don't see any pencil marks. Again use craft chalk around the edges – you may not have a darker red but a brown shade will work in this case. You can see how the dry chalks add some depth of color onto the bird design.

Glue the red chest onto your Robin. If you look at the photo, you'll see that you only glue about half of the red circle on as shown. Then turn your bird over and trim away the excess red paper/card. You now have a nearly completed design.

Step 4) Adding the Wings to the Robin

Bird cut from Bazzill cardstock with patterned wing

Choose some paper for your bird's wings. As my bird is so far quite plain, I want to add some funky, patterned paper for which I prefer to use Scrapbook Paper because of the amazing selections and quality. My own favorite brand of paper is K&Company but there are loads of other good ones as well.

Turn Template B (the wings) the wrong way around (ie printed side down) and draw around it onto the back of your chosen paper and cut out. When you turn your paper around, you will have some patterned wings. Glue your wings roughly in the middle of your bird as shown. The wings will overlap the red chest slightly.

Step 5) Making a Christmas Robin Greeting Card

I find that square-shaped cards look especially good with this bird design but you might have your own preference. Fix your Robin or bird onto a greeting card front that's been decorated with some paper. I think it looks best roughly in the middle but great card-making comes from experimenting and finding styles which suit you.

Patterned handmade Christmas greetings card with bird design

Don't think you need to stick to traditional festive paper designs to use as backings for your little Robins. If you're using festive reds, greens and golds there are many designs (including modern ones) which would look great as a backing design on cards.

Here's another finished Robin card and matching envelope. You see how easy that was! Don't stop there, you can make matching gift tags, hanging robins for your Christmas tree, robins made from felt for Xmas stockings and more. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justchristmascrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Have lots of fun. And do let me know in the comments if you enjoy this design.

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