Free Printable Robin Bird Template for Crafts

The European or English Robin (completely different to the American bird with the same name) is a really traditional and endearing symbol of Christmas and the festive Holiday season. I love lots of bird crafts and I've used this same template over and over the years to make cards as well as felt and fabric items. It's just so simple and cute. 

Of course you don't need to make a robin either. Just ignore the circle section to make the red chest and you can make other songbirds instead quite easily. If you're wanting ideas on using this, refer to my project pages listed near the bottom of the page.

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You need to click on the image of the template for a full-sized design to save to your own computer. This is a .jpg image file which is a standard picture file that most computers can view and print.

Free template design to save and print of a robin bird

First click on the image of the pattern template above for a full-sized design that you can save to your own computer. This is a .jpg image file which is a standard image file that most computers (and tablets too if you have one hooked up to a wireless printer) can view and print. Right-click with your mouse or trackpad and then select save image or save image as to then save a copy of this robin template design onto your own computer. On a tablet, you may need to press and hold on the screen before you get a suitable command up so you can save the image. Once a copy is on your own computer,  you can then print it out as many times as you like.

It is free for your own personal use and not for commercial use. If you make items with it that you blog about then please do link back to the Just Christmas Crafts website so your readers know where to get the free template too.   

If you can, print this pattern straight onto card so that you can cut it out and draw around it as a template. Or you can print it onto paper and then glue it onto any spare card that you have such as the cardboard from a cereal packet. You can print this out at different sizes for your crafting needs - or use this design as inspiration to make your own birdy design for your festive craft projects.

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Page Last Updated: 22nd June 2016